TA-SK is a garment to be worn when the muscle is at rest, not during the physical activity.
It is designed to offer differentiated compressions on the involved body parts, minimizing the discomfort of a bandage, and it helps reducing the recovery time and preventing potential future injuries.


Technology behind TA-SK

  • TA-SK is realized with a special elastomeric fabric, composed by polymers with incredible physical and chemical properties that provide great elasticity and resistance to tear.
  • This fabric is realized with a weaving shuttle, warp and weft threads, studied to offer the maximum breathability and elasticity.
  • One of its qualities is that it does not change its shape even after many uses and washings, maintaining its compressive strength in the long term and therefore avoiding efficiency losses due to fabric failure.
  • TA-SK applies differentiated compressions according to the muscular level on which it works, to obtain an optimal recovery.
  • Using an innovative heat-sealing technology, TA-SK grants the maximum comfort thanks to the complete absence of seams, which make TA-SK very comfortable to wear.
  • Two little silicon strips, one at the top and one at the bottom of the garment, provide a perfect adherence to the limb, without constrictions, avoiding uncomfortable slippage during movement.
  • In addition, two special strips of fabric follow the quadriceps wrapping the muscle, to ensure a feeling of containment and support.

All the effectiveness of muscle compression, with a made in Italy design.

TA-SK is the result of research studies not only in the medical field, but also in design, thanks to the long experience of Punto Azzurro in the production of technical high-quality sportswear.

The black fabric with blue inserts makes TA-SK a modern and unisex garment, suitable for any occasion:

  • its minimal thickness and comfortable fit make it perfect for everyday use, under workwear or casual clothes.
  • its quality fabric and high-tech lines make it perfect also to wear under short pants, without ever feeling the discomfort of showing a physiotherapeutic bandage again.

The elastomeric fabric, only 80 microns (0.08mm) thick, makes TA-SK a very light and ergonomic garment, much thinner than any bandage and extremely more comfortable both to wear and to pull off. Thanks to these characteristics, it can be used at any time with the maximum freedom.

Also, TA-SK is available in 18 different sizes. Its shape is studied on specific measures, in order to offer the maximum comfort and the correct compression of the muscles.


TA-SK Upper Leg is appropriate for the recovery of any thigh muscle trauma caused by physical activity.


Sport at competitive level implies a constant work of muscles strengthening, or lengthening, to achieve ever-higher performances.
Despite the habit of physical activity, subjecting the muscles to motor stress without the proper recovery time can lead to short- or long-term injuries and underestimated micro trauma.

The use of TA-SK Upper Leg allows a faster muscle trauma recovery and the reduction of future injuries risk, to avoid unpleasant interruptions.


Regular physical activity involves a periodic muscle effort. However, frequent practice of sport, exercise or other physical activity should not underestimate the risk of incurring muscle traumas due to exceptional efforts. Adrenaline and competitive spirit are excellent allies that can however have negative consequences, forcing a momentary interruption of the sport habits.

The use of TA-SK Upper Leg allows a faster muscle trauma recovery to start training again with new energy.


Anyone who approaches sport or physical activity for the first time, or after a long period of inactivity, has a high probability of incurring muscle injuries due to abnormal strain of the musculature.

Pain and long forced rest can demotivate the return to physical activity.

The use of TA-SK Upper Leg allows a faster muscle trauma recovery, reducing pain and the annoyance of a bandage.